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Here's a remake of backgrounds from this thread that I made since the links were dead. These were inspired by u/rzalexander and made with free illustrations from I've tried to adapt the illustrations to iOS 16's new home app, so that the text and icons are visible.

I've also made companion backgrounds for use with iPad and Mac. Since those windows resize all the time, using two tone and illustrations was a no-go. So they are just one colour backgrounds (I have one using the dark colour and one using the light one. I've used the latter). Three screenshots of different rooms with the backgrounds I've put together. They are purple, blue and red-ish, with illustrations matching the type of room. Screenshots of the same rooms with their Mac/iPad background counterparts. I've made backgrounds for 13 different rooms (3 versions for each room).

Hopefully this can be useful for someone! At least I've enjoyed using them myself.

Here's a link to an album with all the backgrounds, and here's a link to a zip-file with all of them. #Technology

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