Give Kagi a chance 🎶

(This post is “an email” to David Pierce of The Verge.)

Hey, David! With Neeva shutting down, have you (or anyone at The Verge) ever considered doing a review of Kagi? ? I’d love it if, for instance, a couple of staff members used it exclusively for a month, and then talked/wrote/made a video about it! A screenshot of the home page.

One of my favourite tech products!

I like to try things that are less “big tech”, so I tried DuckDuckGo for a while. But I kept having to go back to Google for searches here and there…. But I also love the idea of paying for things online instead of it being ad supported, so I tried Neeva and Kagi. The latter was much better on Norwegian searches, so I’ve been sticking with that over over a year. But as opposed to DDG, I never feel the need to go back to Google! Not only is it “not worse”, it’s “better”. For instance, I’ve ranked up Reddit in my searches. As their only incentive is to make results better for the user, you can do stuff like that…

Not to put word’s in your mouth, but I believe you would, in an experiment like this, touch on a not-so-much-talked-about frustration with the search market: There’s a lot of talk about how Google pays tons of money for being the default, and you could say that sucks (and keeps Firefox alive…). But another thing, that makes it harder to break through here, is the fact that you can’t even set Kagi as your default in Safari – even if you wanted to! Or, to be precise, you have to use hacky extensions. An iPhone screenshot of where you pick your default search engine in Safari.

This screen right here… It shouldn’t be as limited as it is!

I can understand Apple not wanting to say no thanks to the billions from Google every year. But they’re screwing up the market even more by being so restrictive about what they put in this screen. 👆🏻

Neeva never got put there either.

Speaking of, it would be interesting if Apple were to buy Neeva…

Anyway, hope you, and everyone else who happen to find this text, will give Kagi a shot!

(PS: I’m not affiliated with Kagi at all. Just a fan who’s sad about Neeva’s fate and don’t want it to happen to Kagi.)

-Erlend Spander en kaffi.