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Advice for How To Make Sure You Never Create Anything

Lenke til norsk versjon

Are you sometimes at risk of creating? Personally I, from time to time, come very close to writing something, so my advice here is geared towards that. However, it can hopefully be extrapolated to help you if you’re tempted by other creative endeavours as well.

  • If you get an idea while writing a post, you should always finish this new idea before finishing the original one. This, of course, cascades to new ideas you get while working on the second one, etc.
  • This also applies to expansions within an idea. You can always increase the scope of a project!
  • Let every piece of work be your Magnum Opus.
  • However, if as much as a single piece of your idea doesn’t materialise quite like how you wanted it to, scrap the entire thing. No matter how much work you’ve put into it, and no matter how much value there’s still left.
  • Don’t post anything, unless you’ve covered every nuance, use case and possible objection. Don’t post ideas or thoughts — post rigorous conclusions.
  • You can’t mention a concept/item without also explaining everything about it, in case someone isn’t familiar.
  • Remember that every post needs custom images, screenshots, and illustrations. And these, of course, all need good alt text - even though the post might be about something like the visual differences of screen resolutions. 1
  • Every post (and aforementioned alt text) should be translated into at least one additional language. And no, you don’t get any grammar leniency while writing in something that isn’t your primary language.
  • However, as generative AI tools are problematic, remember that you can’t use tools like that to accomplish any of tasks mentioned above.
  • If your website’s code requires work, this has to be completely rewritten before you can post anything new. It doesn’t make sense to add new content to an imperfect platform.
  • Generalise everything. This applies to stuff like (Apple) shortcuts and workflows — but also things like experiences, emotions, etc. Only post about something personal, if it can also be of use to others.

(Thanks to Cole’s post “Blogging is Conversation” for helping me get this draft out of my bulging Ideas folder.)

  1. To be clear: I seriously think every image should have good alt text! ↩︎