I love small, chill indie games.

  • They’re cheap, and the money goes to small developers who needs the support.
  • Many have short gameplay loops, that make them easy to fit into my schedule.
  • And many of the ones I like have non-realtime gameplay,
  • and that, coupled with low hardware demands, makes them well suited for playing on my laptop.

My MacBook isn’t a slouch - but it’s no gaming rig. So I love that I don’t have to worry about performance with these games - and those who don’t have native Mac ports, run perfectly fine through Parallells.

Realtime, but still chilltime


While I mostly play non-realtime games, some realtime titles are still chill, and the minimalistic (kinda) tower defense game, Thronefall (2023) (from the developers of Islanders) is pretty chill.


Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors (2022)  is a weird game, that has no rights being as fun and satisfying as it is. so buy it where you prefer!

You walk (slowly) around a big field, while your character auto-attacks. You then pick up experience, new items and upgrades. It shouldn’t work, but it does - and this good video essay by Adam Mallard explains why:

Vampire Survivors Only Works Because We’re Stupid



Vampire Survivors has spawned tons of knock-offs — not all of them are good. But Brotato (2023) is! I actually prefer it over the OG.

Brotato splash art. It’s a cartoon potato with two uzis, a rambo like bandana and a scar, surrounded by aliens.


  • Windows
  • Playstation, Switch, Xbox
  • Android, iOS

The slower stuff

Dot age

I love board games, and Dot Age (2023) feels like one. It’s a turn based city builder with roguelike progression, built around worker-placement.

GIF of some Dot Age gameplay.



Balatro (2024) is the thousandth in the line of games that «take something familiar, and turn it into a roguelike where you do runs where you try to break the game with combos». This time: Poker!

While perhaps not «beautiful», it drips with style with its CRT filter and screenshake (both possible to turn off). Very chill - but I hope it comes to iPad at some point!

GIF of a bonus card called Ouja turning 8 cards into aces. GIF of more Balatro gameplay, where the player plays 5-of-a-kind aces, and gets a bunch of points.


Backpack Battles

With the worst art direction since the amazing Slay The Spire, Backpack Battles (2024) is my last recommendation for the day.

In a combination of Backpack Hero and Super Auto Pets, you arrange items in your backpack to (hopefully) win against other players in some asynchronous chibi on chibi action. It also has a demo playable in a browser!


Norwegian games that looks promising (but I haven’t tried)

Seablip (Q2 2024) looks very promising, has a free demo, and is out very soon!

Also, Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley (2024)is out, for macOS, Windows and Switch - more aimed at a younger audience. I think it could be something nice for an adult to play together with someone younger - or just for an adult wanting to have a beautiful and chill experiene!

Are you like me, and like chill games with little twitch and «physical» skills needed? I’m thinking, leaned back on the couch, with a tablet or laptop, clicking buttons, making numbers go up… Any other tips? Hit me up!