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Things I Enjoyed This Week (20)

Here are some of the things I enjoyed this week. (I hope this can be a recurring thing!)

This moving Reddit thread

Married men: What, if anything, are you unable or unwilling to share fully openly and honestly about yourself with your spouse?

Some threads are funny, others sad. In general it’s all wholesome, though, with a bunch of dudes being supportive and open with their emotions. Two things men could do more of. 1

The new Dua Lipa Album

Just a rock solid pop album. Good stuff!

The first Razorlight album

This is such a solid indie pop album, that I had totally forgotten.

This 2 hour long video game video

“The 100 Games That Taught Me Game Design” by Game Maker’s Toolkit is both enlightening and entertaining!

Mad Max

I think I might want to see Furiosa in the cinema - so I rewatched Mad Max: Fury Road. And I think I’ll go as far as saying it’s my favourite movie. I mean, how can you make a better action movie!? I’m not a movie buff, though - so if you have movie tips you think I’ll like if I love this, please come with them!

I’ve also watched, and liked, the first two in the series. The hype for the second one is very warranted! Its influence on everything post-apocalyptic can’t be overstated - and I was very impressed over what they managed to do with the available budget and technology.

  1. I read this thread after my wife had fallen asleep. And after reading it, I had to wake her up just to say that I loved her. ↩︎