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Things I've Enjoyed This Week (22)

Here are some of the things I enjoyed this week. (I hope this can be a recurring thing!)

I’m in the fortunate position of having watched very few films. So now I’m trying to go back and view a bunch of stuff I haven’t watched, but really should watch. My wife has seen way fewer films than even me, though — and she will join me for some of it!

This week I’ve really liked Django Unchained, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (the best Indiana Jones movie in my opinion), Kong: Skull Island (the best I’ve seen in the Monsterverse) and Good Will Hunting.

I also can’t recommend Caravan of Garbage on YouTube enough. Top-tier Australian movie banter! Like I mentioned in my Mad Max post, I like to watch the Caravan of Garbage episode after I’ve watched a movie (any movie).

How It Feels to Get an AI Email From a Friend, is a beautifully written post, and a great read. By Neven Mrgan who works for the excellent Panic.

I also really liked the post Consumption-to-Creation Ratio by Manuel Moreale! Made me want to keep up. 💪🏻 (But in a good and chill way.)

Lastly, I tried the game Kingdom Two Crowns. (I played it on Apple Arcade, on an iPad, but it’s available everywhere.) Seems interesting - it’s a side-scrolling strategy game(!). And it has a way of not really telling what everything does, and a really sparse UI — so it gives me vibes of being a kid and just poking around a game to see what things do.