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Politics and Education

    AI Is Just Different

    The discussion around the ethics and legality surrounding AI has been a constant the last year — and it’s culminating in some important trials that’s coming up.

    I won’t go into the entire thing here — I just want to focus on a specific argument that I often hear when it comes to the way these large models are trained. It oftes goes something like: «But how is this different from how humans have always been learning and iterating on previous knowledge?» or «The information was available on the open web, so it can be used for anything!».

    I think these are terrible arguments.

    Humans are allowed into shopping malls.

    However, that’s simply not an argument for that cars should be allowed there as well — whether they’re driven by a human or autonomous.

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    If Apple was a food company:

    Government: «You gotta stop using plastic wrapping around one-time utensils.»

    Apple: ∗wraps it in barbed wire instead∗

    Apple: «See what the government made us do!» 👆🏻

    Why I Think Apple’s Fine is Fine

    Lenke til norsk versjon

    Today, Apple got hit with a €1.84 billion fine — for anticompetitive behaviour in the music streaming market.

    I’ve seen people saying this doesn’t make sense, as Spotify has a larger market share than Apple Music — but that’s not what the complaint is about. The thing is, that Apple has used their size, ecosystem and general market position to give Apple Music a larger market share than they would’ve gotten if they had to compete fairly. Apple is about 80 times the size of Spotify. To put that into perspective, that’s about the same ratio as a rhino compared to a golden retriever. 1

    The dog might have the Rhino beat on «amount of fur», but that doesn’t make it «more powerful».

    Here are some of the smaller things Apple are doing:

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    🌱 The Ethics and Principles Behind My Blog

    These are my goals: Be a pleasent place for people visiting, that respects their privacy. Be a good citizen of (a lose definition of) the indie/small web. Even though my impact is small, I can still try to make it positive. This page (and the actions taken based on it), is under constant evaluation. It’s meant as a living post. 🌱 So feel free to contact me with feedback on this - especially if I fail to meet my goals.

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    The problem with teachers being tired of change

    Lenke til norsk versjon

    I’m going to try something that I know is impossible – talking about a profession as one entity. In Norway, there are 77,000 teachers, and of course, all of us are individuals. Still, there are some things I’m pretty sure many teachers agree on: We are tired of people with little expertise telling us how to do our jobs. The pendulum swings from one side to another, so what was in vogue 30 years ago is now considered the newest hotness. Be it politicians, parents, or others – many teachers want to be left alone, and be free to do a job they’ve many years of education and experience in.

    But many have written about this before.

    I would like to point at a problem this has led to. It has, in my view, created a sort of hardness in the profession that’s made us impervious to change.

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