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Categories and subjects

Most of my posts, regardless of their subject matter, falls into one (or more) of these categories:

Erlend's Overdelivery Service

If someone asks me a question or wants advice, I have a bad tendency to suddenly make that mission take up my entire day. I'll come back to them later, with a report that's much longer than what they asked for or needed. (I don't think my ADHD helps in this regard...)

I also slip into this when giving feedback on products/apps/service (promted or not).

Now, I'm *not* saying this a positive trait! But I thought perhaps I could use it to produce som niche guides that could be of minior interest to some of those who stumble upon them. I can't really help it, so I try to make the best of it!

Good Stuff

I just love good stuff. And when I have something I like, it sparks joy every time. So these posts are soft of reviews, or just recommendations. But I'll probably mostly stick to sharing things I think are good. I prefer gushing to ranting! But I'll still try to point out the flaws, which will probably often include the price...


I'm a teacher - both by trade and general inclination. And to my wife's chagrin, I just can't help myself. So, to vent some of my pent-up explaining, I enjoy writing guides for things I care about!


Without really intending to, I have a pattern when I try to make sense of the world around me. I create models, categorise, and try to make connections. Sometimes, this turns into posts, which might be different concepts I'm thinking about, reflections, or just opinions.

Subjects and themes

Here are links to different subjects or themes my posts might touch on: