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    A Couple of Chill, Mostly New, Indie Games

    I love small, chill indie games. They’re cheap, and the money goes to small developers who needs the support. Many have short gameplay loops, that make them easy to fit into my schedule. And many of the ones I like have non-realtime gameplay, and that, coupled with low hardware demands, makes them well suited for playing on my laptop. My MacBook isn’t a slouch - but it’s no gaming rig.

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    Guide to card sleeves

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    Card protectors, or sleeves, are perhaps the most common accessory for games. There are two main reasons for sleeving your games:

    1. To protect the cards (kinda says so on the tin)
    2. To increase the sense of quality, much like component upgrades

    The protection part is especially important if the cards are of high value and/or gets shuffled a lot. Both are true with most collectable card games (CCGs), like Magic The Gathering – and this is why the sizes used for these games has the best selection. Shuffling with sleeved cards feels a lot better than unsleeved, so that affects both point 1 and 2. You can also get them with matte finish, to reduce glare.

    Here’s a guide to how you should proceed if you want to sleeve:

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    Oof, Nawalli looks so cool. High on the wish list!

    Great review by Space Biff, as always.

    Image from the review of the game. The player is holding three cards with a clear aztec art style.