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  • Me: «Siri, define charisma


    (I’m specifically pointing to the first video. Giving the playlist because they’re all great, and to show that when asked to give his favourites, he starts with himself. 😎 Love it!)

  • People, like John Gruber here, is saying that what the DOJ is doing is making Apple products worse. How? My sister has an iPhone and a Fitbit, and my wife an iPhone and an Watch. If Apple allowed the Fitbit to work better with my sister’s iPhone, how exactly would that make my wife’s Watch worse?

  • I’m sitting here, writing a micro post, working really hard to make it under 300 characters, so that my hyperlink won’t get killed on the timeline. This is not a good user experience, @manton..! 🙃

    (“OK, I guess I could kill this piece of context, and this nuance…” 🤔)

  • OK, I just spent way too long on something unimportant (again):

    I bring to you: smooth linear clamp() scaling, but with increasing something as you decrease the screen width!

    From 1rem to 3rem: clamp(1, -0.5rem + 6.67vw, 3rem)

    «Backwards» (video): calc(clamp(-3rem, -4.5rem + 6.67vw, -1rem) * -1);

  • Now that I’ve gotten my CSS like I want it, I’ve started the total rewrite. 🙃

    Now I know what I want to be variables. And there’s too many ideas in the design, as I through every idea out there while making each element. But now I know which ideas I like the most, and will keep.

    The thing I like about being a noob, is that it’s fun to see quick progress. Stuff I wrote two weeks ago seem stupid now. 😁

  • Vincent 🐶 find snow delightful. Rain? Not so much…

    He generally loves running out in the yard, and especially if I join him. But this is him after I asked him to come out. 👇🏻

  • Hey, @manton! You so often have to help us with technical problems - so I wanted to help you back, with a solution to a problem with the website!

    (With a guest apperance of @pratik’s great photo.)

  • You know that trick companies do now, where they write helpful (or «helpful») articles that people search for, and then you end up on a car company’s website when searching for how to change a tire?

    Well, that kinda backfired for SigmaOS today, as I was trying to figure out how to install a custom search engine on it…

    I’ve searched for «sigmaos custom search engine», but I only got guides they have written to install it in other browsers.

  • I liked this blog post, by The Jolly Teapot! 👇🏻

    On Quality Software

    «A happy snob» is very much how I’d categorise my own taste in software. 👌🏻

  • I’ve been thinking way too much about music streaming the past month - so now I’ve gathered my thoughts in a blog post!

    I have an idea and dream, that I’m sadly woefully unequipped to actually build. 🙃

    It’s a cross between podcasts, Mastodon, PeerTube and the MusicKit API!

  • I’m trying out Tidal for a bit, so cancelling my Spotify Premium subscription. Got this pretty obnoxious screen. 👇🏻

    It says: How you listen will change. If you cancel, you’ll change to our free plan. Here’s how your listening will change on that date: (The following numbers are very large, with the text smaller beneath it<br>
15: You’ll hear ads about every 15 minutes.<br>
0: You won’t be able to play any song, any time on mobile.<br>
6: You can skip only 6 times per hour.<br>
0: 0 of your downloaded songs will be available offline.

  • If Apple was a food company:

    Government: «You gotta stop using plastic wrapping around one-time utensils.»

    Apple: ∗wraps it in barbed wire instead∗

    Apple: «See what the government made us do!» 👆🏻

  • Via Kottke:

    Studies have shown that people who ride e-bikes get more exercise than those who ride pedal bikes. «Researchers have discovered that when riders find it less grueling, they tend to go on longer rides.»

    I totally believe this! I want an e-bike 🚲 in my future. 🙂

  • I’m trying to get comfortable with home row mods… ⌨️
    It’s a constant struggle between minimising lag/unintended modifiers and how hard it is to actually use the modifiers when I want.

    Anyone out there with experience on this?

    Doing it with QMK worked well, but I hated the lag. And doing it with software is preferable, as I then can have the same on the internal Mac keyboard. Using simlayers in Karabiner-Elements atm.

    #MechanicalKeyboards #Allheimen

  • Så heldig å få låne et slik av den bestete Glenn.

  • Lovely package in the mail today: I brought three of their garments back to Northern Playground, as they had gotten some holes. Today I got them back, after getting a free repair - including two caramels. 👌🏻

    Green package with a note that says what I say in the caption. There’s also two caramels.

    «Thanks for rapairing. Together, let’s stop making piles of garbage. Come back when the garment is worn out, and we’ll recycle it.»

    Black wool longs with two neat repairs in the croch.

    They also repaired two T-shirts!

  • Jeg tror dette er den beste sjokolademelka jeg har smakt! 👌🏻

    (Jeg liker også den som bare heter Lettmelk Sjokolade - men nå tenker jeg på sånn «skikkelig» sjokolademelk, som er søt og greier.)


    Røros «Økologisk fersk sjokomjølk»

  • I have a Fedi username - so I can find this posts on Mastodon. But still I can’t share this post from Ivory and hit “Open in Mona”. Can something be done to links to tell Mastodon (et al): “Trust me, bro - you can open this link.”?

    (Would love to combine this with your Conversations plugin, @sod!)

    This post on Mastodon.

  • Good stuff collected by, about #Apple’s decision to kill PWAs.

  • Ah, yes - like God intended:

    My external trackpad and its wrist rest is tilted to the side (ergonomically).

    Second angle.

    (Related to yesterday’s blog post. )

    Under the trackpad. I’ve just smooshed two tall rubber feets on it with som tack-it.

  • I don’t really use read-it-later apps. But if you do, check out Omnivore! I agree with this review.

    Open-source, great text-to-speech, iOS, Android, Mac and Web.

    IPhone and Mac screenshots of Omnivore

  • Great day! Spent literally 11 hours intensely not getting #KMonad to work on my #Mac. 😓

    This is as far as I got. 👇🏻

    (Or, previously I got one step further, and got «Encountered error in KeySource: [Cannot translate from mac keycode: (0,0)]» instead)

    Stuck on driver_connected 0 driver_version_mismatched 0

  • Ooh, that’s a neat little animation in an unexpected place: the Aliexpress app.

  • Oof, the Boardsource Lulu looks pretty sweet! (And the Lily58 doesn’t look too bad either.)

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these? ⌨️

    Lulu. A small split keyboard with 2x4 thumb buttons. Slightly less DIY-y vibe, compared to the Lily. Tilted.

    Lil58. Also a small split keyboard, with the same layout.

    #Allheimen #MechanicalKeyboards

  • Hi @help! I’m having trouble with my fediverse username. Can you help? I’ve set it to, but I can’t find it with my user. Cant find either.

    I also tried to comment on my Masto posts and follow, but no signs on

    I’ve tried reseting. Any other advice?

  • Oof, Nawalli looks so cool. High on the wish list!

    Great review by Space Biff, as always.

    Image from the review of the game. The player is holding three cards with a clear aztec art style.

  • Hi @MitchW! We’ve been writing a bit over at the forum. :) I want to do what you do, and get notifications on Mastodon for my posts here. But I can’t find my MB user from Mastodon! Can you do me a favour, and see if you can find from your Mastodon account? 🙏🏻

  • Today in «Record I’d totally forgot, but that’s really good 🎵»:
    Fountains of Wayne - Welcome Interstate Managers

    (Spotify - Apple Music)

    The album cover. It’s a black and white and grainy photo of a bunch of old, white men in suits around a donut shaped dinner table.


  • When Vincent sleeps, he sleeps. 🐶

    My large eurasier male dog Vincent. He sleeps on the floor up against my sofa.

  • For et utrolig vakkert designet produkt. Ikke nødvendigvis utseende, men måten den virker på! Anbefaler virkelig å lese om den om du har litt interesse for mekanikk. The Verge-artikkelen linker også til en nydelig video som går mer i dybden.


  • På Bjølsen er vi så heldige å ha 6 (treige) ladeplasser hvor kommunen spanderer, så lenge vi ikke står mer enn 16 timer. Men det er egentlig kun 5 plasser, for én er alltid tatt av Kebab Hot. De har to biler de bruker til levering, og på kvelden bytter de om på bilene. 🤷🏻‍♂️