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    Chromium and Nested Backdrop-Filters

    If you’re like me, you sometimes get these small (often technical) problems, that you work on for so long — and you refuse to surrender.

    I had this with CSS a couple of months ago:

    I had a menu, that had transparency and blur, and then I also had a submenu that I wanted to have the same. But the submenu just. wouldn’t. blur!

    It works perfectly in Gecko and WebKit — but after countless hours, I found the problem: If an element has a backdrop-filter, Chromium won’t let its children have it as well. 1

    I had to design around it, and moved on with my life.

    A few moments later…

    I recently moved to And one day I was scrolling down my timeline…

    Scrolling the timeline, with a picture of a great sunset making a nice blur below the header.
    Ooh, look at that nice blur!

    Then I opened the submenu:

    When opening the submenu, you can see that the blur effect isn't on it - so that you see way too much of the text beneath.

    There it was — the same bug! I’m not alone!

    The fix

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    ✉️ To SigmaOS’ CEO: This Is What I Don’t Like About Arc’s Direction

    I really, really like the Arc browser. But as I alluded to in this post, I have some reservations regarding it, and don’t feel like it’s going in a direction that I like. In the post, I said that I might try SigmaOS again — and I am. 1

    I mentioned this in their community Slack, and their CEO, Mahyad, asked me what about Arc’s direction I don’t like. I must say, the dev team seems very active, nice, and open to input! So this post is my reply to his question.

    (And here’s a link straight to the TL;DR at the bottom.)

    Hi, Mahyad — and thanks for asking! I wrote a blog post called «I Just Want A Nice Browser!», which might give you a hint, heh.

    And let me also say that I’m a bit worried about your direction as well — but I’ll come back to that. 😉

    Two fundamentals I don’t love, but that I don’t need to go too much into

    1. I don’t love that Arc is built on Chromium — as I think Google has more than enough power over the web as it is.
    2. I’m not against supporting any VC funded company — but in combination with an unclear business model, I become more skeptical and worried if our incentives align. 2

    My main issue, though, is regarding AI

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    Apple Is Not the Reason I’m Buying Apple Products - These People Are

    Lenke til norsk versjon

    In the court cases against Epic, this round of regulatory scrutiny from the EU, and other more, Apple has made their sense of entitlement abundantly clear. Every piece of business that happens on their platforms, is to their credit. And developers are lucky to be able to pay them almost a third of their revenue for the privilege of being on their platforms. If Apple understands that their relationship with developers is reciprocal, they’re hiding it well.

    I like all my Apple hardware. Heck, I even love some of it! I also like the operating systems, the general focus on privacy, and the way the different parts of the ecosystem work together. But I think I could enjoy a Framework laptop, Asus phone and some Sony earbuds as well! The things Apple makes and does isn’t the main reason I keep buying Apple products. It’s all the fantastic third-party developers, mostly indie, who make great software for the Apple platforms.

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    A Good Way to Get Home Row Mods on a Mac

    Lenke til norsk versjon

    (If you already know about Home Row Mods, click here to go straight to my quick method for getting it on your Mac - even on the .internal laptop keyboard)

    As part of my ergonomics voyage, I’ve been working on getting home row mods on my keyboard. This excellent guide provides tons of info on this, but the short version is this:

    To contort your hands less when using modifiers (like shift and control), the letter keys on your home row serves double duty: They’re the letters if you tap them, but modifiers if you hold them.

    Letter keys A, S, D and F, with icons for modifier keys on them.

    The home row letters on the right side is usually used as well, mirrored from the left. Image from the guide.

    Image of the ZSA Voyager split keyboard.

    Many users of this completely gets rid of the regular modifier keys. But it can be benefitial as a compliment to those as well, by reducing the amount you use them.

    Tapping vs holding

    But what’s constitutes a tap and what constitutes a hold? That’s the central question here…

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    🌱 My Tech Setup

    Lenke til norsk versjon

    I’ll make separate posts for my software and bass guitar setups, but here’s my current tech hardware setup.

    My screen, screen light, microphone, numpad, keyboard, trackpad, wrist rests, Airpods and iPad. I have a monitor stand (but the screen is not on it).

    The overview. Details incoming!

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    Pedal tuners and product design

    Firstly, sorry about caring a bit too much about guitar tuners. You see, as a side gig, I help people with their pedalboards (especially people using multiple guitars on stage), and I often recommend that they get a new tuner. But no tuners are exactly like I want!

    While this post is mostly hard core nerd out on pedal tuners, there are also some comments on product design in general. Let’s go!

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    What makes a good cuff?

    Ok, so this is by far the most niche thing I’ve ever written. But after getting a great jacket (that I’ll write about some other time!) that only had one problem, I wanted to gather my thoughts on this tiny subject. The “problem” was: It doesn’t cuff perfectly.

    What’s the deal with cuffing anyway??

    Cuffing is when you fold the sleeves of a shirt, jacket, sweater etc. It’s also commonly used when you do the same to leg opening of pants or shorts. And I’m an avid cuffer! The three reasons are:

    1. I’m 1.75 m tall, and my legs and arms aren’t especially long - so clothes are usually too long.
    2. Related, I like watches, bracelets, shoes and socks - and cuffing shows them off.
    3. I often think it makes the clothes themselves look better.

    Here’s some examples of what I mean by nr. 2 and 3:

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    Wallpapers for

    Lenke til norsk versjon Here’s a remake of backgrounds from this thread that I made since the links were dead. These were inspired by u/rzalexander and made with free illustrations from I’ve tried to adapt the illustrations to iOS 16’s new home app, so that the text and icons are visible. I’ve also made companion backgrounds for use with iPad and Mac. Since those windows resize all the time, using two tone and illustrations was a no-go.

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