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    A Shortcut for lite-youtube-embed

    I’m currently using this post to test these embeds! ☺️

    Chromium and Nested Backdrop-Filters

    If you’re like me, you sometimes get these small (often technical) problems, that you work on for so long — and you refuse to surrender.

    I had this with CSS a couple of months ago:

    I had a menu, that had transparency and blur, and then I also had a submenu that I wanted to have the same. But the submenu just. wouldn’t. blur!

    It works perfectly in Gecko and WebKit — but after countless hours, I found the problem: If an element has a backdrop-filter, Chromium won’t let its children have it as well. 1

    I had to design around it, and moved on with my life.

    A few moments later…

    I recently moved to And one day I was scrolling down my timeline…

    Scrolling the timeline, with a picture of a great sunset making a nice blur below the header.
    Ooh, look at that nice blur!

    Then I opened the submenu:

    When opening the submenu, you can see that the blur effect isn't on it - so that you see way too much of the text beneath.

    There it was — the same bug! I’m not alone!

    The fix

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    A Good Way to Get Home Row Mods on a Mac

    Lenke til norsk versjon

    (If you already know about Home Row Mods, click here to go straight to my quick method for getting it on your Mac - even on the .internal laptop keyboard)

    As part of my ergonomics voyage, I’ve been working on getting home row mods on my keyboard. This excellent guide provides tons of info on this, but the short version is this:

    To contort your hands less when using modifiers (like shift and control), the letter keys on your home row serves double duty: They’re the letters if you tap them, but modifiers if you hold them.

    Letter keys A, S, D and F, with icons for modifier keys on them.

    The home row letters on the right side is usually used as well, mirrored from the left. Image from the guide.

    Image of the ZSA Voyager split keyboard.

    Many users of this completely gets rid of the regular modifier keys. But it can be benefitial as a compliment to those as well, by reducing the amount you use them.

    Tapping vs holding

    But what’s constitutes a tap and what constitutes a hold? That’s the central question here…

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    🌱 How I Manage Windows

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    Rafael Conde, posted on Mastodon today:

    We’re sharing how we use the Desktop and how we size/position windows on our Macs on our work Slack and it’s absolute madness.

    And, then followed it up with a poll:

    Time to fess up, how do you primarily use windows “on your” Mac? Bonus points if you reply with a screenshot 📸
    ⋅ Wherever the appear, I don’t know
    ⋅ Centered (think Apple marketing shot)
    ⋅ Fullscreen (as big as you can make them)
    ⋅ Tiled (in a grid, like taking up half the screen)

    I, as many others, have strong feelings about this. And I’d love for this to become the next «Default apps»! So I’ll start.

    I’m a big tiler.

    I switch between my MacBooks 14 inch screen, and my Studio Display’s 27-inch screen. But no matter which I’m on, I move my apps around quite a lot, and almost always in

    • quarters,
    • halves,
    • and wholes (not fullscreen mode).

    Here are some examples:

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    🌱 My Tech Setup

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    I’ll make separate posts for my software and bass guitar setups, but here’s my current tech hardware setup.

    My screen, screen light, microphone, numpad, keyboard, trackpad, wrist rests, Airpods and iPad. I have a monitor stand (but the screen is not on it).

    The overview. Details incoming!

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    My Ergonomics Voyage: Part 1

    Prologue, and the first steps

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    I’ve been a nerd my entire 34-year-long life. So naturally, much of it has been spent in front of computers using keyboards, and I’ve never experienced any discomfort related to this.1

    I don’t know if it’s due to my age, or just the fact that I’ve worked even more than usual on keyboards, but lately, I’ve started to notice discomfort. Especially in my left hand, but a bit in my right as well. Luckily, there’s nothing anywhere else, and it’s not that bad. But I want to take action to try to stay ahead of it.

    A bit about my current situation

    The last couple of years, I’ve been working mostly in my small home office, which was OK, but not great. Just a couple of weeks ago, I finally got my own (external) office, so the situation has improved. However, I’ve been stupid, and also worked quite a bit on my laptop on our kitchen table lately.

    Here’s my current office setup:

    Apple Studio Display with height adjustable stand. iPad next to the screen. Electric standing desk. Trackpad, keyboard and numpad, with wrist rest ahead of it.

    Not visible in the photo, is my Herman Miller Aeron chair, foot rest, and standing pad.

    Good things about my setup

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    Pedal tuners and product design

    Firstly, sorry about caring a bit too much about guitar tuners. You see, as a side gig, I help people with their pedalboards (especially people using multiple guitars on stage), and I often recommend that they get a new tuner. But no tuners are exactly like I want!

    While this post is mostly hard core nerd out on pedal tuners, there are also some comments on product design in general. Let’s go!

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    Guide to card sleeves

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    Card protectors, or sleeves, are perhaps the most common accessory for games. There are two main reasons for sleeving your games:

    1. To protect the cards (kinda says so on the tin)
    2. To increase the sense of quality, much like component upgrades

    The protection part is especially important if the cards are of high value and/or gets shuffled a lot. Both are true with most collectable card games (CCGs), like Magic The Gathering – and this is why the sizes used for these games has the best selection. Shuffling with sleeved cards feels a lot better than unsleeved, so that affects both point 1 and 2. You can also get them with matte finish, to reduce glare.

    Here’s a guide to how you should proceed if you want to sleeve:

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    De beste partyspilla hos bokhandelen

    Brettspill-nerder kjøper ofte spill i spesialist-foretninger som Outland, Gamezone og MeepleGalaxy. Men det vanligste stedet folk flest forbinder med å kjøpe brettspill er nok bokhandelen. Problemet er at kvaliteten på spilla på steder som Ark og Norli er veldig ujevn. Jeg ønsker derfor å komme med noen råd om hva som er godbitene. I denne artikkelen vil jeg ha fokus på: Partyspill Denne kategorien er artige og lettbeinte spil, som er tilgjengelig for store deler av familien.

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    Why 4k ≠ 5k

    And what Apple means when they say «Retina»

    I’m pretty sure the Apple Studio Display is overpriced. Still, the discourse after its announcement has been plagued by people not quite understanding the difference between 4k and 5k on a 27-inch display. It’s just one kay difference — why can’t you just buy a 4k screen that’s cheaper, brighter and/or has a higher refresh rate? Why do some Apple fans crave this extra kay so much??

    Marc Edwards, of Bjango, wrote an excellent piece on this, and I especially like the visual examples of 4k vs. 5k on macOS. ** As a maths teacher, I find this problem interesting, and here I will bring some light to this issue the way I would to a high school class.** Perhaps this makes it easier to understand why the issues Edwards highlight appear.

    What’s in a kay?

    To narrow things down, I’m mostly going to look at 27-inch screens with a 16:9 aspect ratio (so no super-wides here!). Let’s compare the three most normal resolutions at this size: 1440p, 4k and 5k.

    Humans are notoriously bad at comparing large numbers. Every day, there’s a new tweet trying to help us understand the difference between a million and a billion, by reminding us that:

    • One million seconds ≈ 12 days
    • One billion seconds ≈ 31 years

    So, it’s forgiven that people think 4k and 5k are pretty close. However, 5k resolution has _a lot _more pixels:

    Chart showing the amount of pixels the different resolutions have. Numbers mentioned below.

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