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Design Thoughts

    I Just Want a Nice Browser!

    Two sad browser stories

    I’ve followed the Spicy Takes™️ surrounding the Arc Browser recently, that started in the Ruminate podcast and went on to the MacStories Weekly Issue 408.

    And I agree with most of what John Voorhees is saying, and also Matt Birchler, who said: «The Browser Company feels gross to me right now».

    Much of it is about ethics and AI. In general I agree with them, but this subject won’t be the focus of this post. (I’ve written more about AI here and here.)

    Instead I’ll tell my browser story, and explain why both Arc and Firefox makes me sad.

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    Why do so many apps have weird margins?

    Lenke til norsk versjon

    There are tons of services, apps and clients for text based social media. But why are almost all of them wrong about timeline margins?

    Out of touch Skinner-meme, with the text: «Am I wrong about timeline margins?» «No, it’s most apps who are wrong!»

    To show what I’m talking about, here’s Threads as an example:

    Screenshot of Threads. Point explained below.

    I get that you want to start the text quite close to the username, and that avatars are taller than usernames on some services. But I still think that left-margin is a sin! It wastes space, and makes the entire screen lopsided.

    I went through many apps checking - and many of the apps are good and well-designed in general! Many of them are Mastodon clients, because that service has a fantastic 3rd party ecosystem. Also, they’re all iOS apps, because that’s what I have. Would be interested to hear about the situation on Android!

    OK, here are some more offenders:

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    Ooh, that’s a neat little animation in an unexpected place: the Aliexpress app.

    Pedal tuners and product design

    Firstly, sorry about caring a bit too much about guitar tuners. You see, as a side gig, I help people with their pedalboards (especially people using multiple guitars on stage), and I often recommend that they get a new tuner. But no tuners are exactly like I want!

    While this post is mostly hard core nerd out on pedal tuners, there are also some comments on product design in general. Let’s go!

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    What makes a good cuff?

    Ok, so this is by far the most niche thing I’ve ever written. But after getting a great jacket (that I’ll write about some other time!) that only had one problem, I wanted to gather my thoughts on this tiny subject. The “problem” was: It doesn’t cuff perfectly.

    What’s the deal with cuffing anyway??

    Cuffing is when you fold the sleeves of a shirt, jacket, sweater etc. It’s also commonly used when you do the same to leg opening of pants or shorts. And I’m an avid cuffer! The three reasons are:

    1. I’m 1.75 m tall, and my legs and arms aren’t especially long - so clothes are usually too long.
    2. Related, I like watches, bracelets, shoes and socks - and cuffing shows them off.
    3. I often think it makes the clothes themselves look better.

    Here’s some examples of what I mean by nr. 2 and 3:

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